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  • How to wash artificial hair?
    Viscose artificial wool pure spinning and woven, moisture absorption, comfortable wearing, bright color, cheap. Artificial wool fabrics used in textiles are usually resin finished. Its disadvantages are not resistant to friction, easy to pilling, washing fastness is poor, after several times of washing, the body bones become soft, easy to wrinkle. Soak with cold water before washing 30 minutes, when washing, should be pushed inside the basin knead, also can assist in clean board. Wash with a soft brush. Either way, gently rub and brush to avoid fabric damage or resin shedding. When catharsis, can choose neutral soap or washing powder, catharsis temperature wants low, avoid insolation fire to bake, air is in ventilated place.
    What is shrinkage? What is the shrinkage rate of common fabrics?
    Shrinkage of a fabric is the percentage by which the fabric shrinks after washing or soaking. Shrinkage rate is the smallest synthetic fiber and mixed textiles, followed by wool fabrics, linen fabrics, cotton fabrics in the middle, silk fabrics shrink larger, and the largest is viscose fiber, rayon, artificial wool fabrics. The shrinkage rate of general fabric is: cotton 46-10%, chemical fiber 46-8%, cotton polyester 3.56-556.
    Understand the concept and identification of pure wool?
    In the market, people often see wool products with "pure wool" or "100% "wool two marks, some people think that" pure wool "is equal to "100% wool", in fact, it is not. Literally "pure wool" should be 100% wool. But in fact, in the production process, in order to improve the textile properties of the fiber, make the fabric more durable, some products often need to add some polyester or nylon non-wool fiber. To add the amount of how much, there are clear provisions in the national standard. So, we understand. Pure wool products are not 100% wool, marked pure wool products, it is according to the scope of the provisions to add non-wool fiber, so the price should be lower than 100% wool products.
    What are your main products?
    Blanket, cushion, soft na, tree skirt, Christmas stockings
    Do You Sell To The Public Or Only Wholesale?
    Our Chenille throws need to be gently washed and are dry cleanable. Do not iron, bleach or tumble dry to keep it soft and luxurious. To care for your blanket, do not iron or bleach your product. Washing dark colours separately is recommended.